Success at Munster Championships 2013!

Well done to all our kids who performed so well and achieved great results at the recent Munster Championships in Ennis – 4 Munster Champions and 11 World Qualifiers! Very proud teachers. Championship results…

Amy Hayes 4th U7 Girls
Caoimhe Lynch 10th U8 Girls
Daragh Leamy U8 Boys Champion!
Gillian Hayes 6th U9 Girls
Ronan O’Brien U9 Boys Champion!
Dualta MacGrath 4th U10 Boys – World Qualifier!
Laura Chaplin 18th U12 Girls
Conor Hartnett U14 Boys Champion!
Laura Chesser 2nd U15 Girls – World Qualifier!
Rebekah Stanley 3rd U15 Girls – World Qualifier!
Shona Hughes 7th U15 Girls – World Qualifier!
Daire Hanrahan U15 Boys Champion!
Megan O’Brien 4th U16 Girls – World Qualifier!
Jean Maxwell 6th U17 Girls
Zoe Griffin 2nd U18 Girls – World Qualifier!
Dillon Stanley 2nd U18 Boys – World Qualifier!
Katelyn Maxwell 3rd U19 Ladies – World Qualifier!
Kelsey Schuhle 4th O20 Ladies – World Qualifier!
Lucy Barry-Dawkins 10th O20 Ladies.